Common Rail Injector Test Bench

NTS300 Common rail injector test bench
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NTS300 Common rail injector test bench


1. NTS300 Test bench is our latest Independence researched special device to test the performance of high-pressure common rail injector, controlled by industrial computer, Windows operating system.

2. The oil quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on computer screen(Electronic fuel delivery system).

All data can be searched and saved.

3. It adopts original CP3 common rail pump to provide 0~2000 bar for rail pressure.

4. The rail pressure can be adjusted automatically,and it also provide pressure overload protect.

5. It can test common rail injector of all brands.

6. Advanced technology, steady performance, precise measurement and convenient operation.

7. Now our software already have more than 5000pcs injector data.



1. Test common rail injector brands: All Brands

2. Test 1 piece of injector

3. Also can test piezo injectors.

4. Test the Leakage performance of common rail injector.

5. Test the injector inductance.

6. Injection oil quantity and back oil quantity(pre-injection, idling, emissions, full load).

7. Electronic fuel delivery measuring, automatic testing and detection.

8. Data can be searched and saved.

9. QR coding function.

10. Also can add the BIP function if you need, this is an optional function. BIP means injector response time testing.



Output Power 3.8kw

Power Voltage 220V, 1ph

Motor Speed 0~3000rpm

Oil Pressure 0-2000 bar

Flow Measure Range 0-600ml/1000times

Flow Measurement Accuracy 0.1ml

Temperature Control Range 40+-2